Engineered 3D

The term Engineered 3D differs our approach from conventional parametric 3D, where engineering and modelling/drafting are normally decoupled, while here 3D models are integrated with not only geometric data, but also lots of other engineering data, engineering calculations and logical analysis.

In conventional methods, 3D modellers need to know the shape and size of the model to be built; however, in Engineered 3D, sizing is done by the app based on inputs of user data.

With engineering calculation and analysis integrated into 3D models, the engineering process is significantly simplified and much more efficient.


  • All-in-One Solution of Product Engineering, Configuring, Sizing, and Modelling
  • Parametric by not only Geometric Data, but also Engineering Data
  • High Efficiency for Sales and Engineering Application, reduced engineering cycle time, especially for design change
  • High Reliability: error prone data table lookup, engineering calculation & analysis performed automatically by the program
  • Knowledge & User Requirements Driven 3D Modelling
  • Develop Once, Use Anywhere
  • Abstract 2D&3D Models with Lightweight Low Level Details: reduced drafting & modelling overhead for engineering firms
  • Confidential Vendor Data Protected
  • Comprehensive Output: 2D&3D Model/Drawing, Report for Further Engineering, Order Placing, etc.
  • Output formats: native to Autodesk Inventor, conversion to other common intermediate formats provided

Who Can Benefit?

  • Manufacturers of Products that require certain level of engineering, configuring and analysis to make selection before purchase;
  • Sales Team (Sales Reps and Application Engineers) of above vendors to provide quick solution to customer requests
  • Engineering Consultants (including Consulting firms, EPCM firms) to make selection easily and come up with quick solution for their system design.